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440 Miscellaneous
Common connectors on discrete rate blocks
The Merge block in the top stream (Wait for Flow) specifies that Each branch needs simultane- ous flow while the Merge block in the bottom stream (Push Flow) is set to Blocks push flow even in empty loops. The flow is blocked at the Merge block in the top stream but flows through the Merge block in the bottom stream.
☞ This model is located in the folder \Examples\Discrete Rate\Merge and Diverge.
Common connectors on dis- crete rate blocks
Merge Proportion Setting model
Most Rate library blocks have inflow and outflow connectors and value input and output con- nectors. The Interchange block also has item input and output connectors.
Flow connectors pass information about the effective rate from one discrete rate block to another. Item connectors pass discrete items.
For value connectors, many discrete rate blocks use abbreviations or acronyms to indicate the connector’s purpose. Some of these abbreviations represent more than one purpose and are context sensitive.
The following connector labels appear for value connectors on Rate library blocks:
Connector In or Out? AL Output
AQ Output
B Input
C Input
CO Output D Input DR Output factor Input G Input
G# Output GD Output
Accumulation length - for a Convey Flow block, the distance from its end to the accumulation point.
Accumulated quantity - the amount of flow that has been accumu- lated along a Convey Flow block’s accumulation length.
Bias order number Capacity
Potential downstream demand rate Conversion factor in Change Units block
Quantity of flow (quantity goal) or duration of time (duration goal) for a Valve. Can also be used to start a new goal, depending on Valve’s dialog setting.
Goal number Goal duration
Discrete Rate

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