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Miscellaneous 443
Direction information
An arrow is animated on the icon to indicate the direction of change in the Tank’s level. When there is no arrow, it means that the Tank has neither an inflow nor an outflow rate.
The Interchange block displays the same animation behavior as a Tank, shown above. In addi- tion, a ball appears in the middle of the block’s icon when an item is present in the block. The ball is red if the item is ready to leave the block but is blocked downstream. Otherwise, the ball is green. If the option Tank only exist while Item is in it is chosen and there is no item in the block, the tank icon animates as white with cross-hatching.
Item filling (contents 50, Item emptying (contents Item blocked downstream No item present (Tank only capacity 100) 50, capacity 100) (contents 99, exists while item is in it)
capacity 100)
A Valve reports its maximum and effective rates when animation is turned on. If the option Valve animates and reports blocking and starving information is not selected in the Executive block’s Discrete Rate tab (the default setting), a Valve will display only its limiting or non-limiting status. If that option is selected, it will also report its blocking and starving sta- tus. (See “Valve animates and reports blocking and starving information” on page 437 for full information.)
Displaying limiting and non-limiting status
By default, the Valve only animates information about its limiting or non-limiting status.
Effective rate 5, maximum rate 10
No flow, maximum rate 10
Effective rate 5, maximum rate 5
No flow, maximum rate 0
Limiting is when the effective rate equals the maximum rate. In this case, the Valve is what limits the flow. When a Valve is non-limiting, the effective rate is less than the Valve’s maxi- mum rate. In that case, the Valve has no impact on the flow.
Discrete Rate

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