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Miscellaneous 445
• IftherightsideoftheValve’siconisplainblue,theblockispartiallyblockedbydown- stream blocks. If there is a red line on the right side of the icon, the flow is completely blocked downstream.
• IftheleftsideoftheValve’siconisplainblue,theblockispartiallystarvedbyupstream blocks. If there is a red line on the left side of the icon, the flow is completely starved upstream.
Goal and hysteresis animation
A Valve that uses a quantity goal to control its flow has a blue line below its icon. If the Valve controls its flow with a duration goal, the line is green. While the goal is On, a progression bar appears along the top of the blue or green goal line.
A Valve that uses hysteresis has a purple line at the bottom of its icon. While hysteresis is active, the purple line is thicker for all or part of its length.
Quantity goal, about 75% completed Duration goal, about 75% completed Hysteresis is active
The shape and color of the Sensor block’s icon indicates if the flow is being blocked, starved, or both., and if there is flow or not.
Flow? Blocked Starved Blocked and Starved Yes >>>
No >>>
Convey Flow
The animation of the Convey Flow block shows what mode it is in, the distribution of flow along its length, the position of the accumulation point, and other information.
Mode animation
Accumulate-maximum density Accumulate-fill empty segments Non-accumulating
For further exploration, the Compare Convey Flow model compares the behavior of three Con- vey Flow blocks, each set to one of the possible modes, under different emptying rates. The model is located in the folder \Examples\Discrete Rate\Delaying Flow.
Distribution of flow and other information
A Convey Flow block animates the distribution of flow as follows:
Discrete Rate

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