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22 Running a Model
Other modifications
expected outputs. The Reservoir models in “Tutorial” on page 65 demonstrate some ways of doing this.
• View the status of blocks by connecting their outputs to the Plotter, by leaving their dialogs open while running the simulation, or by taking some of their dialog items and putting them in the model window, which is referred to as cloning. You’ll learn more about cloning in “Creating a dashboard interface” on page 584.
• PerformanalysissuchasScenarioAnalysisorOptimizationandhaveExtendSimfindthe best set of parameters. See the chapter “Analysis” on page 641.
• Build a user interface for the model by putting sections of the model in layers (hierarchy), building custom reports (Notebook and reporting features), or creating a dashboard front- end (using buttons and cloned dialog parameters to run the model). These features are dis- cussed in “Creating a Custom User Interface” on page 581.
Now that you understand how easy it is to run an ExtendSim model, the next chapter will show you how to build a model from scratch. When you are finished with that chapter, you will see how easy it was to create the Reservoir model and the ease with which you can create your own models.

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