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Torque Game Engine
The E3D environment is based on the Torque Game Engine (TGE) by GarageGames, Inc. This is a powerful 3D rendering architecture that GarageGames retails as a source code develop- ment environment. This provides several advantages, including:
• There is a large and growing community of animation enthusiasts who are familiar with the TGE. They can offer advice and provide consulting services.
• Alargeselectionoffreeandinexpensiveready-madeTGEcomponentsisavailable.Ifapar- ticular component doesn’t exactly suit your needs, it can be easily adapted.
• Components developed using other standards can be converted to the DTS format used by the TGE.
Information about the TGE and additional 3D resources can be found on the GarageGames web site at
Controlling the E3D environment
Every motion of every object and every aspect of what appears in the E3D environment can be controlled. Several ExtendSim features contribute to providing this capability:
1) AnimationtabsinItemlibraryblockdialogsgiveyouachoiceof3Dobjectstorepresent items and blocks in the E3D window. In some cases you can even select particular proper- ties of the 3D object, such as its color or scale. The animation tabs are described on
page 548.
2) Specializedblocksthatprovide3DfeaturesorsupportE3Dbehavior.Forinstance,the Transport block (Item library) discussed on page 556 is useful for representing the move- ment of items from one point to another along a path. And blocks in the Animation 2D-3D library, described on page 556, can be used to cause text and 3D objects to appear in the 3D animation area or to alter the appearance of the 3D world.
3) SettingsintheSimulationSetupandOptionsdialogsaffectboththecontentsoftheE3D window and the relationship between ExtendSim, the model that controls the E3D window, and the E3D window itself. For example, these settings can enable 3D directional sound effects or cause the animation to run after the simulation rather than concurrent with it. These dialogs and commands are described in “E3D Editor menu commands” on page 559.
4) TheenvironmentfilescanalsobecustomizedusingtheE3DEditortodefinetheappear- ance of the animation area – any permanent pathways and 3D objects as well as specific information about the terrain, sky, sun, and so forth – without affecting the appearance of the 2D model.
5) Andfinally,ModLfunctionsandmessagehandlersallowyoutodevelopcustomized3D- enabled blocks and specialized 3D functionality. ModL functions can be accessed through equation blocks or by programming.
Software and hardware
• E3D animation is only available in the ExtendSim Suite product.
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