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Introduction to E3D
How the E3D module is organized
• Agraphics/videocardcapableofsupporting3Drendering.Ataminimum,youwillneedat least 64 MB of memory on the card and a 3D accelerator. A faster card with more memory will improve the performance of the E3D window.
• The minimum memory required for E3D animation is twice the minimum for ExtendSim.
• If your computer does not have QuickTime installed, the color of the 3D objects in the pre- view area of Item Animation and Block Animation tabs for Item library blocks may not dis- play correctly. QuickTime is Apple Inc.’s technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, and so forth. It can be downloaded for free onto a Windows or Macintosh com- puter from the Apple Inc. web site.
This module assumes that you have either read the following or have equivalent experience:
• Tutorial module, Chapters 1 and 2, starting on page 13.
• Ifyouarebuildingdiscreteeventmodels,asopposedtocreatingcustom3D-enabledblocks, you should complete the Discrete Event module that starts on page 97.
How the E3D module is organized
• Introduction
• Tutorial I – exploring the E3D window
• Tutorial II – animating an existing model in 3D
• Tutorial III – advanced features such as creating a path and mounting one item on another • EnvironmentFilesandtheE3DEditor
• Objects–creating,deleting,scaling,rotating,etc.
• Movement,Paths,andTerrains
• E3D tips and reference
• Performance considerations
• ExtendSim commands for 3D
• Animation tabs in the Item library blocks • Animation 2D-3D library
• E3DEditormenucommands

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