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Tutorial I
The E3D environment
This chapter focuses on the E3D window and the appearance of a simulation model in that window. The purpose of this chapter is for you to become familiar with the E3D terminology and environment. This chapter covers:
• ExploringtheE3Dwindow
• Openingthewindowandlearningaboutitsoptions • Navigatingwithinthewindow
• 3D animation modes
• Running a simulation and animating it in 3D
The Tutorial II chapter that follows this one will show you how to add 3D features to an exist- ing 2D discrete event model.
The E3D environment
The first part of this tutorial examines the E3D window and explores its features.
Opening the E3D window
Launch ExtendSim.
Give the command File > New Model to open a blank model worksheet.
☞ The E3D window will not open unless a model worksheet is open. Even if a model is open, the
E3D window will not open if you are not licensed for the ExtendSim Suite product.
Give the command Window > E3D Window or use the toolbar’s Open E3D Window button. Depending on the speed of your processor, it may take a little while for the window to open.
Exploring the E3D window
The E3D window opens as shown to the right. The window has four interface con- trols across the top of the window, a title bar, and a MiniMap. The rest of the win- dow is the viewing area that displays the animation environment and a 3D rendering of 3D-enabled blocks from the simulation model. (Since the associated model work- sheet is blank, there are no blocks in the E3D window at the right.)
☞ You can open the E3D window for any model. However, if there are no 3D- enabled blocks in the model, the default E3D environment will not contain any 3D objects.
Interface controls
E3D Window in QuickView mode - 2D model is empty
• Thetopleftcontrolisapopupmenuthatdisplaysthenameoftheassociatedmodel.Only one E3D window can be open at a time, so if multiple models are open, this popup menu allows you to choose which model will be associated with the E3D window. The name of the selected model (in this case, Model-1) appears in the popup and also in the title bar at the top of the window.

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