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Tutorial I 469
The E3D environment
• Thenextcontrolisapopupmenuforchoosingthespecifiedresolution,orsize,ofthewin- dow. Clicking this popup displays a list of possible sizes for the E3D window. Selecting a different size will cause a redraw of the 3D window at the new resolution. Lower resolutions will make the E3D window smaller; higher resolutions will make the window larger. Resolu- tion information is stored with the model.
• The third and fourth controls are for selecting the speed of the animation, either Slower or Faster. The selected speed factor (0.25 to 8) is displayed in the title bar in brackets; the default is a factor of 1. Information about the selected 3D speed setting is stored with the model.
☞ In QuickView mode the speed buttons in the E3D window do not affect the speed of the simu- lation, only the speed of the 3D animation. In Concurrent and Buffered modes, there is a direct correlation between 3D animation speed and simulation speed.
Title bar
The title bar at the top of the E3D window lists the name of the model associated with the E3D window, the 3D animation mode enclosed in chevrons (in this case, “<QuickView>”), the 3D speed factor displayed in angle brackets (in this case, “[1]”), and the name of the model’s envi- ronment file (by default, new models use the Extend3D.mis environment file).
Modes are discussed in “3D animation modes” on page 472, the speed conversion factor is dis- cussed on page 552, and environment files are described starting on page 504.
☞ The title bar also includes the ExtendSim icon. Clicking the icon (Windows only) reveals the Move, Editor, and Close commands. The Editor command enables the E3D Editor; editors are discussed starting on page 505.
MiniMap and camera
The cyan square in the upper right hand corner of the E3D window is the MiniMap. This is a miniaturized display of the E3D window; it shows the position of a virtual camera and any local objects as if seen from directly overhead a location in the E3D window.
The 3D camera is a virtual object in 3D space that represents your point of view of the E3D window – what you see in the window is as if you were looking through the current position of the camera.
The camera can be manipulated programatically using ExtendSim's
ModL functions or by the use of keyboard controls, as discussed in the
next topic. As you move the camera around in 3D space, the contents of the MiniMap will change to reflect the location and direction of the camera, as well as the presence of any other objects in the immediate area.
The arrow in the center of the MiniMap represents the location and direction of the camera. The X and Y labels at the right and top hand sides of the map, respectively, show the direction of positive X and Y values. The X and Y values at the bottom of the MiniMap report the loca- tion of the camera within the E3D window.
The MiniMap is displayed by default; you can hide the display by unchecking it in the Edit > Options > 3D tab.

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