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470 Tutorial I
The E3D environment
Animation area
The E3D window opens with the default environment for the animation area – an unbounded 3D world with a cloudy sky, a sun, and a flat gridded floor. When the E3D window is associ- ated with an empty model worksheet, as you have done in this chapter, the 3D world will be empty. When the E3D window is associated with a model, it will contain 3D objects that repre- sent the 3D-enabled blocks in the model.
You can add scenery and fixtures to the E3D window and use 3D features and settings to mod- ify the terrain, lighting, ceiling colors, and other environmental aspects to fit the model. And you can change the 3D objects and their location to enhance the 3D animation. This will be shown in other chapters.
Selecting and moving
Clicking an object in the animation area of the E3D window selects it and causes it to display with a cyan frame around it. Clicking again unselects it. If the 3D object is the representation of an ExtendSim block, double-clicking the object will open the dialog box of the associated block.
By default, selecting and moving a block in the 2D model also moves
its object in the E3D window. For instance, if you place an Activity
block (Item library) in the model, you can click and drag it around the
worksheet. When you release the mouse, the Activity’s representative
3D object will correspondingly change location in the E3D window. This is because the 2D position of a block is linked by default to the 3D position of the object, as shown in the Block Animation tab and the screenshot to the right, above.
You need to use the E3D Editor to move a 3D object directly in the E3D window. If the object’s position is linked to a block, and you move the object with the Editor, it will also move the block. The Editor is described in “The E3D Editor” on page 505.
Changing the associated model
When the E3D window opens, it will be associated with the
currently active model worksheet. If you make another
model the active window, it will not change the E3D win-
dow’s associated model. To have that model window be
animated in the E3D window, you must select it from the popup menu at the top left of the E3D window. This will associate the new model with the E3D window.
Each time you use the associated model popup menu, the 3D window will refresh and redraw with different contents based on the new model and whichever environment file it uses. Any 3D commands or function calls from models other than the currently associated model will be ignored.
Navigating within the E3D window
The virtual 3D camera is used to navigate the E3D window. This can be done through the use of keyboard controls to pan and zoom. (You can also navigate using ModL functions in an equation block or block that you program.)
Click the E3D window to make it active.
To navigate within the E3D window using keyboard controls:
Linked positions
Associated model popup menu

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