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Tutorial I 471
The E3D environment
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move left, right, forward, and backward. (For left-handed movement, use the W (forward), S (backward), A (left), and D (right) keys.)
To pan the area, change the direction of the camera by right-clicking the mouse (Win- dows) while moving the mouse around the window. (On Macintosh, press the control key while mousing around the window.)
Use the mouse to change direction and the keys to move, both simultaneously, to navi- gate around the 3D world.
Note how the MiniMap changes as you navigate the 3D space.
☞ You can also use the m key as a “mouse-look toggle”. Clicking the m key once allows you to use the mouse to change the direction of the camera without having to right-click. To return the mouse to normal use, click the m key again.
Manipulating the E3D window
Opening the window
Under the following conditions, the E3D window automatically opens whenever the associated model opens:
• IfthecommandRun>Show3DAnimationhasbeencheckedforthatmodel
• Or,ifShow3Danimationduringsimulationrunhasbeencheckedforthatmodelinthe Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab
If either of these have been checked, and the E3D window has been closed, it will reopen when the simulation runs.
To manually cause the E3D window to open, do one of the following: • GivethecommandWindow>E3DWindow
• Or,clicktheOpenE3DWindowtoolinthetoolbar
☞ A model must be open for the E3D window to open. Also, it may take some time for the E3D window to initialize and open.
Moving the window
By default, the E3D window behaves like a child window of the ExtendSim application. With this setting, the window can be moved within the ExtendSim application window just like any other ExtendSim window.
There is also an option (Windows only) to allow the E3D window to act like an independent application window. To do this, choose Edit > Options > 3D tab and check the box for 3D win- dow outside application. After restart, the E3D window will float outside the ExtendSim application window. This is especially useful if you have multiple monitors and you want the model displayed on one monitor and the E3D animation on the other. (This option is not needed for the Macintosh since this is the E3D window’s default Macintosh behavior.)
Changing the window size
The resolution menu discussed in “Interface controls” on page 468 allows you to change the size of the E3D window to make it easier to view.
Resolution popup menu

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