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Tutorial I 473
Running a model with 3D animation
• IntheConcurrentandBufferedmodes,thesimulationtimetoreal-worldclocktimeratiois carefully respected, so each simulation time unit will by default take one second to display in the E3D window.
Running a model with 3D animation
Now that you’re familiar with the E3D window and terminology, the next section will show you how to open and run a model that has been adapted for 3D animation.
Opening the model
Open the Airline Security model located in the \Examples\E3D Animation folder.
Airline Security model
About the model
The Airline Security example is a discrete event model that represents passengers moving through security lines at an airport. The model includes:
• Waitinglines
• Carry-on baggage that must be associated with each passenger
• Apassportexaminationdeskbeforethesecurityarea
• Conveyors with x-ray machines for scanning the bags
• Walk-throughmetaldetectors
• Aspecialsecuritycheckstationwherearandomnumberofpassengersaresearched
In the Airline Security model, people randomly enter the security area from each of the two doors on the left. The doors are hierarchical blocks that establish the frequency of passenger arrivals and specific information that will be used in the 3D world.
The passengers must first undergo a passport check; those who are rejected exit the airport. The remaining passengers continue to a conveyor where they deposit their luggage for screening by an x-ray machine. The passengers are scanned by a metal detector, and a ran- dom sample is selected for additional search procedures. After the screening process, passen- gers are united with their specific piece of luggage and exit the security area.

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