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Building a Model
Steps to create the Reservoir model
This chapter continues the Tutorial by describing the steps required to create the Reservoir model that you ran in Chapter 1. As stated earlier, this model uses continuous simulation, but the concepts described in this chapter also apply to other types of modeling.
☞ Other modules in this guide describe specific discrete event and discrete rate concepts and show you how to build those types of models, but they assume that you have already com- pleted this Tutorial.
The topics covered in this chapter include:
• Opening a new model window
• Simulation setup and run options
• Opening a library of blocks
• Addingblockstothemodel
• Connecting blocks using different methods
• Usingdialogstosetparameters
• Making adjustments to the Plotter graph
• Hierarchy - top down
• Navigating the model
• Cloning duplicates of dialog and plotter items
Steps to create the Reservoir model
The basic concept behind the Reservoir model is to simulate what happens to a reservoir’s water level as water enters it over a 36 month period. There is no water in the reservoir at the start of the simulation and no water is removed from it. As water sources add their contribu- tions each month, the water level rises.
The steps to create the Reservoir model are: 1) Openanewmodelworksheet
2) Setsimulationrunparameters
3) Buildthemodelusingblocksfromlibraries
4) Selectblocksettingsandenterdialogparameters
☞ For your reference, the final version of the Reservoir 1 model is located in the Extend- Sim9\Examples\Tutorials folder and is shown on page 37. However, you will learn more about ExtendSim and modeling if you build the model yourself.

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