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Tutorial I
Running a model with 3D animation
Accommodations for the 3D world
The model has been specifically adapted to animate in the E3D window in Concurrent anima- tion mode. The differences between this model and a standard discrete event model are:
• 3DobjectshavebeenselectedintheItemAni- mation and Block Animation tabs of Item library blocks. For instance, each passenger is a Ran- dom person, as shown in the Create block’s Item Animation tab at the right. (You won’t be able to see these selections unless you have the E3D window open.)
3D object selected in Item Animation tab
• SeveralTransportblockshavebeenaddedto
animate real-time delays in item movement. These are placed between other Item library blocks so the E3D window will know how far the item travels from one block/object to another and how long it will take the item to get there. So that delays in movement are real- istically represented, this information is used as part of the conversion of simulation time in the 2D model to animation time in the E3D window.
• Amongothertasks,Animate3D blocks (Animation 2D-3D library) within hierarchical blocks are used to create pieces of luggage that are then “mounted” to each passenger.
• 3D Text blocks (Animation 2D-3D
library) have been placed in the model at various locations to serve as labels in the E3D win- dow. For instance, a 3D Text block places the label “Passport Control” at the appropriate location in the 3D window.
• 3DSceneryblocks(Animation2D-3Dlibrary)addstationaryfiguresforthevarioussecurity stations.
• Acustomenvironmentfilehasbeencreatedtofacilitatethemovementofpassengersalong paths.
☞ Notice that no programming was required to adapt this model for 3D animation. The only accommodations were the addition of some animation-specific blocks, the selection of 3D options in block Item Animation and Block Animation tabs, and modifications to the environ- ment file.
Running the model with 3D animation
To open the E3D window and animate the model:
Give the command Window > E3D Window or click the Open E3D Window button in the toolbar
Verify that the E3D window is associated with the Airline Security model Position the E3D window in a convenient location
Animate 3D dialog - mounting luggage

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