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☞ If you have multiple models open, be sure the model asso- ciated with the E3D window is “Airline Security”. The associated model is listed in the E3D window’s popup menu, shown at right.
Tutorial I 475
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Associated model popup menu
Give the command Run > Run Simulation, or click the Run Simulation button in the toolbar
As the animation runs, you will be able to see security personnel checking passen- gers’ travel documents and passengers placing their bags on the x-ray conveyors, going through metal detectors, and then picking up their correct bags at the end of the screening process.
This model illustrates many concepts used in the 3D world such as material handling and the routing of passengers. Notice that arriving passengers are randomized (male, female, etc.) and are of differing heights. This indicates just some of the flexibility of the ExtendSim 3D modeling environ- ment.
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The next step is to add animation-specific features to an existing model. You do this in the Tutorial II chapter that comes next.

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