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Tutorial II
Adding 3D behavior to an existing model
This chapter is an extension of, and assumes you have read, the preceding chapter. It will show you how to adapt a model so that it generates a concurrent 3D animation. It covers:
• UsingConcurrentmodetohaveitemsmovesimultaneously • Animating items as 3D objects
• Creating 3D objects to represent blocks
• AddingsceneryandlabelstotheE3Dwindow
• Using a 3D Controller block to clear items at the end of the simulation • Causing the model to automatically open the E3D window
Enabling 3D animation for this model is fairly simple – just set options in block dialogs and add some specialized blocks to the model worksheet.
The chapter that follows this one will show how to perform more advanced tasks: using the Transport block to simulate travel time, determining the length of the path using block posi- tions, mounting an object on an item object, and creating custom paths that are unlinked from the position of blocks in the 2D model.
☞ The models for this tutorial are located in the folder \Examples\Tutorials\E3D Animation\Pro- duction Line. The examples assume some familiarity with discrete event simulation.
Adding 3D behavior to an existing model
In this section you will modify a discrete event model so that it animates in the E3D environ- ment.
The goal
Before starting, look at the finished model to get an idea of what you will accomplish. Open the Production Line Final model
Production Line Final model
The command Run > Show 3D Animation has been checked for this model, so opening the model also opens the E3D window, and running the simulation also runs the 3D animation.
☞ If the E3D window is already opened when this model is opened, be sure the Production Line Final model is the one associated with the E3D window.
Run the simulation

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