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Tutorial II 479
Adding 3D behavior to an existing model
Navigate around the E3D window
E3D window for Production Line Final model
This is a model of a process where crates full of bottles move along conveyors and are pro- cessed by machines. A random number of crates are sent on one or another branches of the line.
Move the camera in the E3D window so you can see the entire model; zoom in and out to see the detail.
Open the starter model
Now that you have seen what the final model will look like, you can begin the process of ani- mating a model in 3D:
So that the E3D window is always associated with the correct model, close any open models Open the Production Line Start model
Production Line Start model
Model particulars
This model represents a production line consisting of five conveyors and three machines. After the first conveyor and machine, the line separates into two branches, each of which ends at an exit.
About the model
The production line processes crates full of bottles.
• Crates are generated by a Create block, approximately one every 1.1 seconds
• They are held in a Queue until pulled into the system
• Conveyors are 8 or 10 meters in length, run at 10 meters per second, and have a capacity of 8 or 10 items (depending on the length)
• The length of a crate is 1 meter

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