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Tutorial II
Adding 3D behavior to an existing model
• Depending on the machine, the crates are processed for 1 or 2 seconds
• Attendants are posted near each machine
• Crates are sent randomly to one of the two branches by a Select Item Out block
• All the blocks are from the Item library
• Thelengthunitismeters,thetimeunitisseconds,andthesimulationendsafter180seconds • The 3D animation uses the default Extend3D.mis environment file
Accommodations for 3D modeling
If you are familiar with discrete event modeling, you may notice a difference between this model and a typical single queue/two server model. In this model, the location argument for the exponential distribution in the Create block is 0.1. In a logical model, the location argu- ment is often left at zero for expediency. For this model, the location value ensures that the interarrival time can never be zero – there will always be some time between item arrivals.
Other than that, this discrete event model is the same as you would typically build without con- sidering 3D animation.
Running the 3D animation
Use the Open E3D Window button in the toolbar or give the command Window > E3D Window to open the E3D window.
E3D window for starter model
Notice that the window opens in the default QuickView mode.
Place the E3D window in a convenient location and, if desired, change the window’s resolu- tion using the resolution interface control at the top of the window.
Run the simulation. Since the E3D window is open, the 3D animation will also run.
As the simulation runs, you can see green balls moving in the E3D window just as they might in a 2D animation. A difference from the 2D model is that the blocks are represented in the E3D window by their default 3D objects – the Create and Exit blocks are displayed as doors, the Queue as a bin, the Convey Item blocks as conveyors, and the Activity blocks as machines. The conveyor belt moves, and when a green ball enters the machine the lights go on and the machine moves, indicating that a process is taking place.
☞ You can have 2D animation turned on simultaneously with 3D animation, but performance will be better if only one type of animation is on at a time.
Save a model to explore
So that you have a model to work with during the tutorial: If it is still running, stop the simulation

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