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Tutorial II 481
Adding 3D behavior to an existing model
Give the command File > Save Model As and save the model as “3D Production Line”.
Cause objects to move simultaneously
Since QuickView mode is just a visual representation of the 2D model, only one object moves at a time and items can stack on top of each other in waiting areas. So that the objects that rep- resent items can move simultaneously and wait in a queue line, the 3D animation needs to be in Concurrent mode.
If it is still running, stop the simulation
Give the command Run > Simulation Setup
In the dialog’s 3D Animation tab, choose Select mode: Con- current. Then close the Simulation Setup dialog.
If you run the simulation again, the green balls should be mov- ing simultaneously and should order themselves in a line if there is more than one of them waiting to be processed.
Create objects to represent items
Concurrent mode selected
The specification for this animation is that crates are moving around rather than green balls. To remedy this, you need to create an object to represent the model’s items. This involves select- ing an object from a popup menu in a block’s Item Animation tab, as shown below.
An object for the Create block’s items
In the Create block’s Item Animation tab, notice that the behavior is set to Select item anima- tion. This allows quick customizing of the 2D and 3D animation from popup lists of objects.
If it is closed, open the E3D window
The E3D window must be open in order to select a 3D object.
Open the Create block’s Item Animation tab
In the tab’s 3D object frame (shown at right), select the 3D object CrateBottles
If you run the simulation again crates of bottles, rather than green balls, move from object to object.
Objects for the items that go to the branches
Selecting 3D object for item animation
The Select Item Out block separates the produc-
tion line into two branches. In the block’s Item Animation tab, each row of the table represents one of the two outputs.
So that each branch will show a slightly different 3D object:
Open the Select Item Out block’s Item Animation tab
Selecting 3D objects in Select Item Out block
In the Animation Option column, choose Change to for both rows Select:

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