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Tutorial II
Adding 3D behavior to an existing model
3D object: Crate in the third column of the first row Skin 1: old for the fourth column of the first row Skin 2: base for the last column of the first row
The first row of the table should look like the screenshot, above.
For the second row, select 3D object: Crate, Skin 1: base, and Skin 2: base
Save the model
Save your 3D Production Line model. (The tutorial model is named Production Line 2).
Create objects to represent blocks
For this model, most of the default block/object correlations (Activity blocks as machine objects, Convey Item blocks as conveyor objects, and so forth) are exactly what you want. Other objects need to be changed.
This section shows how to create objects and waypoints to represent blocks. Creating an object to represent a block is similar to creating an object to represent items, except the object is selected in the Block Animation tab.
☞ Objects that represent blocks are created at a size that corresponds in scale to other objects.
3D objects to represent blocks
Some of the blocks should have their default object representations changed. For instance, instead of a door, the Create block could be represented as a supply room and the Queue block as a table.
In the Create block’s Block Animation tab:
If it is closed, open the E3D window Select Show block in 3D window
as: Kiosk
Enter Rotation: 90 to turn the kiosk to the proper position
In the Block Animation tab of the Queue block:
Selecting 3D object to represent Create block
Enter Show block in 3D window as: Table
This will place a small building at the same location as the previous door object and
replace the Queue’s default bin object with a table.
☞ Queues, activities, and resources (Item library) have a dialog item so you can limit the number of items visually represented as a stack in the E3D world. If not overrid- den, the default mountStack limit is 10.
Blocks that are superfluous to a 3D animation, such as the Select Item Out block in
this model, should have their appearance in the E3D window minimized. Rather
than being represented by a 3D object, these blocks can be represented by a marked
position in the E3D environment. This minimization of the object is accomplished using way- points.

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