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Tutorial II 483
Enhancing the model
In the Block Animation tab of the Select Item Out block:
Enter Show block in 3D window as: Waypoint Selecting Waypoint
When you do this, the object representation of the Select Item Out block (represented as a
block shape in the E3D window) will disappear and be replaced by an invisible waypoint.
Save and run the model
Save your 3D Production Line mode. (The tutorial model is named Production Line 3.) Run the model with the E3D window open.
You should see crates traveling from a storage area, being processed by machines that are oriented in the correct direction.
Enhancing the model
So far you have adapted the 2D model to run in 3D. But there are some additional steps you can take to enhance the animation.
Add scenery
The model has machines, but no workers. This is easily fixed by adding scenery. Any type of fixed object that is not already represented by a block in the 2D model can be represented as scenery – people who don’t move, furniture, equipment that doesn’t perform an activity, walls, trees, and so forth. There are two ways scenery can be added to a model:
1) Adda3DSceneryblock(Animation2D/3Dlibrary)tothe2Dmodel.Thisisthesimplest method and is shown below.
2) UsetheE3DEditortoaddscenerytotheE3Dwindow.Thishastheadvantagethatitdoes not change the 2D model; it is discussed in “Using the E3D Editor to create scenery” on page 520.
Adding workers
For this tutorial, the workers don’t move but are instead part of the scenery.
Place a 3D Scenery block (Animation 2D/3D library) close to each of the three Activity blocks labeled Machine. By default, the block appears with a mini- mized icon.
Be sure the E3D window is open so you can select the 3D object In the dialog of each of the three 3D Scenery blocks:
3D Scenery
For Show block in 3D window as. Then choose a Male or Female object and whichever Skin 1 and Skin 2 you want.
Enter Rotation: 225
Unselect the checkbox Show 3D footprint in 2D model. This option is sometimes help-
ful when placing blocks in a 2D model; you do not need it for this model.
The 3D Scenery blocks are linked to the objects. If the workers don’t appear in the correct location in the E3D window, move the 3D Scenery blocks on the model worksheet closer to the Activity blocks. When you release the mouse, the objects in the E3D window will move accordingly. You can also play with the rotation to orient them as you want, or change their scale relative to the size of other objects.

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