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Tutorial II
Some things to notice
Add a 3D Controller block
At this point you may notice that when you stop the simulation the crates stay wherever they are.
Add a 3D Controller block (Animation 2D-3D library) anywhere in the model.
In its dialog, check Clear items in 3D window when simulation ends.
When you run the simulation, all the crate/items will disappear when the run ends but the scenery (the workers) and the objects that represent the 2D blocks (the kiosk, conveyors, machines, and doors) remain.
3D Controller
Save your 3D Production Line model. (The tutorial model is named Production Line 4.)
☞ Since item objects will automatically be cleared from the E3D window at the start of the next simulation run, the 3D Controller block is not really necessary for clearing items in this model. Note, however, that the block has several uses for controlling the E3D window, such as turning on/off the clouds and changing the color of the ceiling/sky.
Launch with the E3D window
So that you don’t have to manually open the E3D window, you can choose to have the window open automatically each time the model is opened. To do this, do one of the following:
1) EithergivethecommandRun>Show3DAnimation
2) Or,intheRun>SimulationSetup>3DAnimationtab,checkShow3Danimation
during simulation run
If the E3D window is subsequently closed, it will reopen when the simulation is run.
☞ The final model, with the E3D window opening when the model is launches, is labeled Produc- tion Line Final.
Some things to notice
Now that you are familiar with this model, it is a good time to investigate some 3D features.
Internal animation
As you saw for the Production Line models, some 3D objects contain internal animation that shows the status of the object during the simulation. For instance, the Machine object supports four internal animation states (running, idle, blocked, and down) while the Conveyor animates a running belt.
If you don’t want to see this behavior, unselect Enable animation of 3D object in the Block Animation tab of the activity-type blocks (Activity, Convey Item, Transport, and Workstation).
☞ The default object for a Transport block is a Waypoint so this option is unchecked by default.
Rotation of 3D objects
While you needed to rotate the Kiosk and scenery objects, most objects are oriented correctly for the flow of items in this model. This is because ExtendSim will try to place objects using the correct rotation for the model.
For example, the machine objects are oriented for a left to right flow of items. Furthermore, you did not need to change the rotation in the Convey Item blocks. When the E3D window opens, the rotation parameter for this block’s object automatically adjusts to reflect how the

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