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Tutorial II
Some things to notice
• Movetime.Theitemisdelayedforthespecifiedtime;speedandlengthareignored.
• Speed and length. Speed and length are entered in the dialog.
• Speed and calculated length. Speed is entered in the dialog; length is determined based on dialog settings and block positions (the from and to locations).
These options are described fully on page 203. For this model, the conveyors’ speeds and lengths are all known and have been entered in their dialogs. In the next chapter, you will see how to use the speed and calculated length option to cause the block to automatically deter- mine its length.
Item length
The Behavior tab of a Con-
vey Item block has options
for specifying the length of
items. The item’s length
can be a constant, from an attribute, or based on length and capacity. In the Production Line models, item length is set at 1 meter for all the Convey Item blocks.
Whichever item length option is selected, the 2D picture or 3D item object does not visually change. However, the item length does affect calculations for accumulation and capacity, as well as the timing of when items are pulled onto and released from the block.
☞ If either speed and length or speed and calculated length has been selected as the travel time, the item’s length is expressed as either feet or meters. However, if move time has been selected as the travel time, the item’s length is expressed in time units. Thus for a move time of 10 time units, a constant item length would be x time units.
Conveyor capacity
The capacity for a Convey Item block can be entered in the block’s dialog. However, regard- less of what is entered in the dialog, the block’s actual capacity is the lesser of either the entered capacity or the length of the conveyor divided by the length of the item.
Item length setting

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