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Tutorial III
Animating a bank line
This chapter is an extension of, and assumes you have read, the preceding two chapters. It will show how to:
• UseTransportblockstoanimatepeoplewalkingfromonelocationtoanother • Determine the distance the people need to walk based on block positions
• Mount a 3D object on an object that represents an item
• Use hierarchical blocks in 3D animation
• Unlink an object’s position from the corresponding block’s position
• Create custom paths that are unlinked from the position of blocks in the 2D model • Createandsaveanenvironmentfile
☞ The models for this tutorial are located in the folder \Examples\Tutorials\E3D Animation\Bank Line. These bank line models assume some familiarity with discrete event modeling.
Animating a bank line
This chapter illustrates how to use some of the more advanced ExtendSim 3D capabilities. So that you can focus on the features in this chapter, the example model already has some accom- modations for 3D animation. Those 3D accommodations were covered in the preceding chap- ter and are listed on page 490.
The goal
Before starting, look at the finished model to get an idea of what you will accomplish. Open the 3D Bank Line Final model
This is a model of customers arriving, waiting in a line, being served by one of two tellers, and then exiting a bank. The command Run > Show 3D Animation has been checked for this model, so opening the model also opens the E3D window, and running the simulation also runs the 3D animation.
Run the simulation
Navigate around the E3D window
Move the camera in the E3D window so you can see the entire model; zoom in and out to see the detail. As the simulation runs, you will see customers entering the bank, forming a single line, getting their paperwork ready, walking to one of the tellers, being waited on, and leav- ing the bank.
Close the 3D Bank Line Final model
Open the starter model
Now that you’ve seen the goal, you can start adding 3D functionality to a starter model.

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