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Tutorial III
Animating a bank line
3) ThereisalargegapbetweentheQueue(Wait)andtheSelectItemOut(ChooseaFree Teller) blocks. This just provides space for inserting some blocks without having to move everything.
Animate the model in 3D
In the 3D Bank Line Start model:
Unselect the command Run > Show 2D Animation. (For maximum performance, you do not want 2D animation running concurrently with 3D animation.)
Open the E3D window
Verify that the E3D window is associated with this model
Run the simulation. Since the E3D window is open, the simulation will animate in 3D.
☞As the model runs, you may notice some “interesting” behavior. This is discussed below in “What this model needs”.
Accommodations for 3D animation
The Bank Line model has already been modified for 3D animation in the following ways:
• 3D animation has been set to run in the Concurrent mode.
• Objects to represent items and blocks in the E3D window have already been selected:
• ItemsgeneratedbytheCreateblock(PeopleArrive)appearasrandompeople • The Queue block (Wait) is represented by a door
• ThetwoTransportblocks(WalktoTeller)are,bydefault,waypoints
• ThetwoActivityblocks(Transaction)appearasdesks
• TheCreate,SelectItemOut,andthetwoGateblockshavebeensetaswaypointobjects
• Two 3D Scenery blocks (Animation 2D-3D library) provide male and female tellers, with different skins, as scenery objects in the E3D window.
• A3DControllerblock(Animation2D-3Dlibrary)clearsitemsintheE3Dwindowwhenthe simulation ends.
Since these modifications were illustrated in the previous chapter, they are not repeated here. This chapter will instead focus on other ways to enhance the 3D animation.
What this model needs
There are several odd things that you may have noticed about the customers in this model. For instance, they:
• Line up in the doorway, sometimes on top of each other
• Didn’t bring any paperwork to the bank
• Stand on top of the teller’s desk while completing their transactions • Jump,ratherthanwalk,intothebankandfromthetellertotheexit The following sections show how to solve these problems.
So that the tutorial models aren’t overwritten, you need to have your own model to work with during this tutorial.

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