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Give the command File > Save Model As and save the model as “My 3D Bank Line”
Unmount the Activity blocks
By default, Activity blocks are set to have an item’s 3D object mount the block object while the activity is ongoing. While this was useful in the Production Line models of the previous chapter, where crates were being processed by machines, you don’t want customers standing on desks.
In the Item Animation tab of both Activity blocks (labeled Transaction): Uncheck the option to Mount item while activity is
Run the simulation with the E3D window open
Now the customers will stand in front of the desks, rather than jump onto them.
Save your model. (The equivalent example model is 3D Bank Line 2.)
Either leave the E3D window open or close it if you prefer. (If you close it, you will need to
open it to perform any 3D operation or to run the animation.)
Add Transport blocks
The Production Line model for the previous chapter used Convey Item blocks to represent a moving path from the start to the end of the conveyor. Likewise, the Transport block is useful for displaying the movement of an item from the start to the end of a path.
Animating the travel time
To show events as they occur in a model, 2D animation normally displays items moving from one block to another without a time delay. This is the type of 2D animation that is shown when the Run > Add Connection Line Animation command is enabled.
When a model is animated in 3D, the 3D item objects will likewise move from one 3D block object to the next without any time delay. This is seen in the Bank Line models, where custom- ers move instantaneously from the Queue to the Activity blocks and from the Activity blocks to the Exit and can stack one above another. There are two reasons for this:
• Until a teller is available, the people have no place to go as they wait in line. If customers arrive at about the same time, or if the tellers can’t keep pace with the arrival of customers, the Queue block will show its contents (the customers) stacking on top of each other.
• The2Dmodeldoesnotmovepeoplealongapathataspecificvelocity.The3Dworldneeds Transport blocks to not only represent how long the journey takes but to also show the peo- ple moving along a path during that time.
To have an animation where items don’t jump from one block to another or stack on top of each other as they wait in line, you need to show them moving along a path as they are delayed. This is accomplished by setting a travel time in a Transport block (Item library). This results in an animation delay that corresponds to the time that the item spends in transit from one location to another.
What the model needs
For this model, you need to add:
Tutorial III 491
Unmount the Activity blocks
Save a model to explore
Mount option unchecked

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