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Tutorial III
Add Transport blocks
• Apathforthewaitingline,consistingofoneTransportblockbetweentheQueue(Wait)and the Select Item Out (Choose a Free Teller) blocks
• Twopathstotheexit,eachrepresentedbyaTransportblockbetweentheActivityblocks (Transaction) and the Exit
The tutorial also shows how to minimize the icons of the Transport blocks already in the model.
☞ For this part of the tutorial, it is assumed that customers take 5 seconds to reach any destina- tion.
Walking and waiting in a line
A Transport block can provide a mechanism to show people walking into the bank and lining up instead of stacking on top of each other.
In your My 3D Bank Line model:
Right-click the Queue block’s item output con- nector.
Right-click the Queue’s item output connector
Choose Add Transport following this block
This inserts a Transport block between the Queue and the Select Item Out blocks. By default,
the block is inserted with its icon view set to “Left-to-right (small)”. In the Transport’s Behavior tab:
Choose Travel time: move time (the default) Enter Move time: 5 seconds
Label the block Walk in Line
Leaving the bank
In the current model, customers walk to the teller desk, finish their transactions, and then dis- appear. You could just leave the model like that, but it would be more fun to see customers walking to the exit. Transport blocks between the Activity blocks and the Exit block will show customers walking out of the bank.
When there is more than one connection line from the output of a block, you should create a Transport block directly in the model rather than right-clicking to insert it. Otherwise, the Transport block could get inserted onto the wrong connection.
To manually place the Transport blocks:
Delete the connection between each Activity (Transaction) and the Exit. Insert a Transport block between each Activity and the Exit.

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