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Tutorial III 493
Add Transport blocks
Connect the Transport blocks between the Activity and Exit as shown here.
In each Transport block’s Behavior tab
Choose Travel time: move time (the default)
Enter Move time: 5 seconds
Label the Transport blocks Walk To Exit 1 and Walk To Exit 2
At the bottom of the dialog, select Left to right (small), rather than Left to right, for the icon view
Transport blocks for leaving the bank
Minimizing the icons of the existing Transport blocks
Since the Transport blocks that you have added use small icons, minimize the icons of the Transport blocks that were originally in the model.
Either right-click the Transport block labeled “Walk to Teller 1” or select the icon view popup menu at the bottom of the block’s dialog.
Select “Left to right (small)”, as shown at the right. This changes the block’s appearance in the model so that it uses a smaller icon.
Do the same steps for the Transport block labeled “Walk to Teller 2”.
If necessary, move the blocks so that the connection lines are straight.
Save your My 3D Bank Line model. (The equivalent example model is 3D Bank Line 3.)
The model so far
If you have followed this tutorial, your model should look similar to the following screenshot:
3D Bank Line 3 model
Run the model again with the E3D window open.
The customers now line up after the entrance and walk, rather than jump, from the teller to the exit. However, they walk at different speeds. This is because the time to get to the end of a path

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