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Tutorial III
Block positions to determine a path’s length
has been set to a constant 5 seconds. But the lengths of the three paths (from the entrance to the head of the waiting line, from the waiting line to the teller, and from the teller to the exit) are all different.
Furthermore, unlike the Convey Item blocks in the Production Line models of the previous chapter, the length of the bank lines is not known in advance. In this case, settings in the Trans- port blocks can be used to determine the length of the paths. (The problem of customers walk- ing through the desks will be solved later using custom paths.)
Block positions to determine a path’s length
As discussed on page 200, the Transport block has three options for expressing the item’s travel time:
• Movetime.ThisactsjustlikeadelayinanActivityblock.Asyoucanseeinthecurrent model, the item’s speed and the length of the path are ignored.
• Speed and distance. How fast the item is moving, and how far the item must travel to reach its destination, are entered in the block’s dialog. This is useful if you know the length of the path.
• Speedandcalculateddistance.Theitem’sspeedisenteredinblock’sdialog.Thedistanceis determined from information entered in the frame labeled “Select From and To locations for calculated distance”. This is useful when you don’t know the length of the path, but you know its starting and ending points.
The third option, speed and calculated distance, will provide a more natural walking pace for customers in this model, since it considers not only their speed but how far they have to go.
Setting the speed and determining the distance
Each of the Transport blocks in this model need to be changed to calculate the length of the path the customers will take.
☞ Rather than the constant move time of 5 seconds in the previous section, this part of the tutorial assumes a natural walking speed of 5 feet per second.
Walking to the front of the line
In the dialog of the left- most Transport block (Walk in Line):
Select Travel time: speed and calculated distance.
Enter Item speed: 5 feet/second.
In the frame that
appears at the bottom
of the block’s dialog
(seen at right), do not change the default settings.
The calculated distance
Based on the frame’s default settings, this path starts at the Queue (the previous non-passing block) and ends at the Select Item Out (the next non-passing block). The distance is calculated
Frame for calculating the distance items travel

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