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Tutorial III
Mounting objects
so that there is minimal disruption to the model
The Animate 3D block (Animation 2D-3D library) is an advanced method for executing an animation action in the E3D window as an item passes through the block. It is useful for creat- ing and mounting objects.
Create the object
If it isn’t already open, open the E3D window
Delete the connection between the Transport (Walk in Line) and Select Item Out (Select a
Free Teller) blocks
Place an Animate 3D block (Animation 2D-3D library) above and to the right of the Transport block
Connect the Transport block’s output connector to the input connector of the Animate 3D block as shown here. (For now, do not connect the output of the Animate 3D block.)
In the Animate 3D block’s Item Animation tab:
Select 3D action: create object (this is the default option)
Creating a paper object in the Animate 3D block
Choose the option Select object from list
In the popup menu that appears, select the Paper object Select Skin 1: Random skin (the default)
Label the block Create Paper
Create an attribute
The next step is to create an attribute so that the objectID of the paper object can be stored and used elsewhere in the model. (This is described in “Adding item attributes to a model” on page 128.)
In the Item Animation tab of the Animate 3D block (Create Letter):
Select Store objectID of created object in: New value attri- bute
Name the new value attribute Letter
Creating an attribute
Close the block’s dialog
☞ As discussed on page 537, every object has an objectID. This is a unique value that the E3D
environment uses to identify the object.
Mount the object on the item
The next step is to mount the paper object onto the items.

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