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Tutorial III 497
Mounting objects
Place another Animate 3D block to the right of the first one.
Connect the blocks together so that the output of the first Animate 3D block is connected to the input of the second Animate 3D block, and its output is connected to the input of the Select Item In block.
In the block’s Item Animation tab:
Select 3D action: mount object
Choose Rider object: Letter
Select Mount object: _3D objec- tID
Label the block Mount Paper
☞ For objects that represent items, the value of their ObjectID is stored in their _3D objectID
property. This allows you to perform actions on item objects by referencing that property.
Save the model Run the animation
As customers reach the front of the line, they bring out their paperwork. However, there are two unnecessary block objects in the E3D window.
Create a hierarchical block
The final step in this section is to enclose the Animate 3D blocks into a hierarchical block. Frame-select the two Animate 3D blocks
Give the command Model > Make Selection Hierarchical
Name the new hierarchical block anything you want and click OK to close that dialog In the dialog of the hierarchical block, label the block “Mount Paperwork” Reposition the model’s connection lines as desired
Save the model. (The equivalent example model is 3D Bank Line 5.)
In the E3D window, notice that the Animate 3D blocks are no longer represented by objects.
☞ By default, Animate 3D blocks appear in the E3D window as a block object. However, hierar- chical blocks and the blocks within them normally have no representation in the E3D window. See “Hierarchical blocks and 3D animation” on page 548 for how to change this.
Mounting a paper object using the Animate 3D block

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