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Tutorial III
Unlinking objects from blocks
Your model should now look similar to this:
3D Bank Line 5 model
The next two sections involve the positioning of objects in the E3D window. It is a good idea to not make changes to the layout of the 2D model after positioning objects using the E3D Editor. Otherwise, you may need to reposition those objects.
Unlinking objects from blocks
Customers now enter the bank, wait in line, and walk from the front of the line to the first available teller. However, the waiting line is pretty short and the walk to a teller is rather long. To lengthen the waiting line, you could do either of the following:
1) MovetheSelectItemOutblock(ChooseaFreeTeller)closertotheTransportblock(Walk to Teller). This would make a messy model.
2) Unlinkthe2DpositionoftheSelectItemOutblockfromits3Dobject,thenjustmovethe object. This will be shown below.
☞ Although mentioned in this chapter, the E3D Editor is discussed in detail in the next chapter.
Unlinking positions
In the Block Animation tab of the Select Item Out block, unselect the option Link 2D/3D positions, as shown at right.
Make the E3D window the active window
Enable the World Editor by pressing F11
In the animation area, select the waypoint object labeled “Select Item Out3”. When the object is selected, information about it is displayed in the panes to the right of the animation area. The object’s label is highlighted in the Tree pane at the top right of the window and its properties are listed in the bottom right Inspector pane, shown here.
Unlinking positions
☞ In the Editor, each object in the E3D window is labeled with a name ending with a number that corresponds to the block’s global block number. The global block number for the Select Item

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