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Tutorial III
Creating custom pathways
4) SelectthecustompathintheTransportblock
Create a new environment file
An environment file holds information that is not saved with the model, such as static objects, paths, and terrain changes. The default environment file, Extend3D.mis, cannot be changed. When you modify the E3D environment by creating custom paths or changing the terrain, you must either create a new environment file or save the default environment file under a new name.
If it isn’t already open, open the E3D window
Be sure your “My 3D Bank Line” model is the associated model (is displayed as the active
model in the popup in the upper left hand corner of the E3D window) Press F11 to go to the E3D Editor
Give the command File > Save Environment As
Save the environment file as “My 3D Bank Line.mis” (the default option). It will be
saved in the same directory or folder as your model is located.
Press F11 to leave the E3D Editor and return to the E3D window
Save your model.
“My 3D Bank Line.mis” will now be listed as the environment file in the Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab.
☞ When you create a new environment file, the model must also be saved. This ensures that the model will be associated with the proper environment file.
Create a path object
In your “My 3D Bank Line” model:
If it isn’t already open, open the E3D window
Press F11 to go to the E3D Editor
Press F4 to select the World Editor Creator (WEC) mode In the WEC Creator Tree (the lower pane on the right):
Open the Mission Objects category
Open the Mission sub-category
Click the Path object
In the dialog that appears, name the path “ExitTeller1” and click OK to close the dialog
The path named ExitTeller1 will be listed at the bottom of the Tree pane (the upper pane on the right) within the SimGroup-Mission Group category.
Create path markers
Each path will require four pathmarkers, each of which is created in exactly the same way. Pathmarkers are stored in the path’s folder.
Create Point1
In the Creator Tree pane (the lower pane on the right):

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