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Tutorial III
Enhancing the model
Run the animation. Now when customers get to that teller, they will walk around the desk rather than through it.
Save your model
Repeat the process for another path
Repeat the above steps to create an ExitTeller2 path with four markers (Point1, Point2, Point3, and Point4) positioned correctly so customers walk around the desk.
Select the path ExitTeller2 in the Transport Animation tab of the Transport block labeled Walk to Teller 2.
Click the button Get distance from 3D path length.
Save the model.
Run the animation to make sure both paths work correctly. If customers do not move along the route you want, go to the E3D Editor and move the markers to a better position.
The equivalent tutorial model is 3D Bank Line Final. Notice that the distance using the custom path is much longer than the distance that was calculated. This is because the customers now must walk around the desks to get to the exit, rather than walking through the desks.
☞ Paths are discussed in more detail in “Creating paths” on page 541.
Enhancing the model
There are several other E3D features that could enhance this model. For instance, the 3D Bank Line Advanced model, located at \Examples\Tutorials\E3D Animation\Bank Line, shows how the customers at this bank could leave paperwork on the tellers’s desks.

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