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Building a Model 27
Building the model
☞ A third method is available for discrete event and discrete rate models. In those models, right- clicking an output connector pops up a list of suggested blocks to connect to. This “Smart Block” technique is discussed on page 110.
For this Tutorial, you will use the first method and select blocks from the Library menu.
The first block needed for the Reservoir model is a Lookup Table block, which will be used to enter data about the amount of rainfall entering the reservoir.
To add the Lookup Table block to the model work- sheet:
From the Library menu, scroll to the Value library, which is listed at the bottom of the menu. When the Value library is highlighted, a secondary menu opens that lists several categories, each of which further expands to show the blocks contained in that category.
Under the Math category, click Lookup Table.
An icon for the Lookup Table block appears in the top-left corner of the model window. By default, the icon is selected. To deselect a block, click any- where in the window. To move a block, select it and then drag it to the desired position in the model window or use your keyboard arrow keys to move it one pixel at a time.
☞ If you click at a location on the model
window before you pick a block from the
menu, the block will appear at the point where you clicked.
Library menu with Value library categories
From the Library menu choose the library, category, and block (as indi- cated below), to add the four remain- ing blocks to the model:
Value library > Inputs category > Random Number block
Value library > Math category > Math block
Value library >Holding category > Holding Tank block
All blocks added to model
Lookup Table block added to model
Plotter library >Plotter I/O block
When you have finished, the model should look similar to the screenshot above. This is a good time to save the model so far.
Choose File > Save Model As and name the file My Reservoir.

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