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506 Environment Files & E3D Editors
The E3D Editor
Exploring the Editor
When you invoke the E3D Edi- tor, it causes the E3D window to change and reveal:
• Commandsinamenubar across the top of the window. These are described starting on page 559.
• Two panes on the right side of
the window. In the WEI mode,
the top pane is the Tree that
lists all the objects in the win-
dow and the components of the
environment (such as sky and
sun); the bottom pane is the
Inspector that will display
information about a selected
object. (These panes are dis-
cussed in more detail in “WEI panes” on page 509.)
• Anumberedobjectintheanimationarea.Thismachineisthedefault3Dobjectthatrep- resents the Activity block in your EditorExploring model. An object’s number corresponds to its listing in the Tree pane.
The E3D Editor appears by default in its World Editor Inspector (WEI) mode. Editor modes allow you to alter aspects of the E3D window without affecting the appearance or structure of the 2D model. They are discussed starting on page 507.
Inspecting objects
The WEI mode is useful for inspecting objects and modifying their properties. It allows you to both see and set the position, rotation, and scale values of objects, as well as other object prop- erties. The list of properties in the Inspector pane varies by object.
To inspect an object, click it once in the window’s animation area or select it in the Tree pane.
E3D Editor in WEI mode for EditorExploring model
When an object is selected, the contents of the Inspec- tor pane change to show the object’s properties. The object’s name appears in the pane’s Name field; if the object is the representation of a block, the object’s name will be followed by the block number. Some properties of the Activity block’s 3D representation are shown in the screenshot to the right.
Activity block’s 3D object properties

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