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Environment Files & E3D Editors
E3D Editor modes
3) Other.TheEditorhassomeothermodes(MissionAreaEditor,TerrainTerraformEditor, Terrain Texture Editor, and GUI Editor) which, by default, are disabled and not shown in the E3D Editor’s Window menu. These advanced modes, along with some advanced menu commands (such as Import Terraform data) can be enabled by making a change to the Edi- torGUI.cs file located in the folder \Creator\Editor. These modes are beyond the scope of this documentation.
The disabled modes and menu commands should be enabled only by very advanced animators and should be used with extreme caution.
World modes
As described in detail below, there are three World modes: • World Editor
• WorldEditorInspector
• World Editor Creator
Each of the World modes allows you to manipulate an object’s properties – its position, rota- tion, scale, and so forth. By default, the Editor appears in World Editor Inspector (WEI) mode, as seen earlier. The World Editor Creator mode is most often used to create an object in the E3D window so that it becomes a default part of a model’s environment.
☞ Using the World modes to create an object or modify object properties is discussed in the “3D Objects” chapter that starts on page 513.
World Editor
This base mode is intended for moving, scaling, or rotating objects. These operations can also be performed in the other World editor modes, but this mode gives you the maximum viewing area.
World Editor Inspector
The World Editor Inspector (WEI) is the default mode you saw earlier. It allows you to inspect any objects in the E3D window and modify their properties.
Accessing the World Editor Inspector mode
To access the WEI:
Open the E3D window Enable the E3D Editor (F11)
Then either give the Window > World Editor Inspector command in the E3D Editor’s menu or press the F3 key

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