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WEI panes
The WEI has two panes that appear on the right hand side:
• ThetoppanecontainstheTree.Thisisanexplorer- type list of the 3D objects that are present in the E3D window, including environmental components such as the sky and sun. The location of an object’s listing in the tree can be moved; that change will not have an effect on the object’s position in the E3D window. An expanded Tree for a model that contains only an Activity block (Item library) is shown on the right.
• ThelowerpanecontainstheInspector.Thispane shows the values of properties of the selected object – its name and block number (if any), position, rotation, and scale, as well as other object properties. The par- ticular information shown depends on the object selected. In the screenshot on the right, the Activity block has been selected in the animation area. It is also selected in the Tree’s list and its name and prop- erties are listed in the Inspector pane.
World Editor Creator
This mode is used for creating 3D objects in the E3D window and establishing custom pathways, among other tasks. (Causing an object to appear directly in the E3D window so that it becomes part of the environment is known as “creating” the object.)
Accessing the World Editor Creator mode
To access the WEC:
Open the E3D window Enable the E3D Editor (F11)
Environment Files & E3D Editors 509
E3D Editor modes
World Editor Inspector panes
Either give the command Window > World Editor Creator in the E3D Editor’s menu or press the F4 key

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