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Environment Files & E3D Editors
E3D Editor modes
WEC panes
The WEC has two panes that appear on the right hand side:
• ThetoppanecontainstheTree,asshowntotheright. This is the same as the Tree in the WEI pane, described earlier.
• ThelowerpanecontainstheCreatorTreethatcon- tains a list of all the types of objects that are located in the ExtendSim 3D folders. The objects are divided into three categories:
• Shapes.Thiscategorycontainsmostofthefunc- tional objects you might want to add to the ani- mation area: Vehicles, Scenery, Blocks, ExtendItems, and Person. Some shape objects have functionality (movement or behavior) and some are static.
• MissionObjects.Thiscategoryincludesthree
sub-categories: Environment objects (clouds,
skybox, sun, and so forth), Mission objects
(Paths, PathMarkers, and so forth), and System
objects (SimGroups). You will not usually need to add Environment objects since the default environment already contains the most-needed ones. Mission objects are quite important and useful – see Paths and Markers “Creating paths” on page 541 for addi- tional information. You will not need System objects unless you script the E3D win- dow.
• Interiors.Thesearebuildingsandothertypesofstructures.
Terrain modes
As described in detail below, there are two Terrain modes: • Terrain Editor
• TerrainTexturePainter
The Terrain modes are used to modify the contour and appearance (“texture”) of the floor or terrain of the 3D animation area.
☞ For E3D animation, the word terrain means the floor of the 3D animation area and the word texture means the appearance of the terrain – its color, pattern, gridding, and so forth.
The default environment file (Extend3D.mis) does not make much use of the E3D terrain capa- bilities. In fact, if you build models using the blocks in the Item library, you should not change the terrain from the default flat floor. This is because the ExtendSim library blocks assume that the terrain will be flat. For certain kinds of custom block models, however, the ability to manipulate the terrain in the E3D window can be quite useful. And you can always change the terrain’s texture without harmful effect.
☞ Using the terrain modes to modify the terrain is discussed in “Terrains” on page 544.
World Editor Creator panes

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