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Environment Files & E3D Editors 511
E3D Editor modes
Terrain Editor
This mode is used for filling and excavating the terrain to add contours such as hills and val- leys.
Accessing the Terrain Editor mode
To access the Terrain Editor:
Open the E3D window
Enable the E3D Editor (F11)
Give the command Window > Terrain Editor in the E3D Editor’s menu or press the F6 key
The default terrain in the ExtendSim 3D environment file is at a height of 100 units. The ExtendSim library blocks assume objects will be at this height. Changing the contours of the terrain may cause issues with the standard ExtendSim blocks.
The E3D window in Terrain Editor mode
In this mode there are no panes but two new menus:
• Action.TheSelectandAdjustSelectionoptionsinthismenuallowyou to make a semi-permanent selection of the terrain. The Add Dirt, Exca- vate, Adjust Height, Flatten, Smooth, and Set Height commands deter- mine what will happen when you click an area and move the mouse. The Paint Material command allows you to use a texture to change a part or all of the floor’s appearance; it is used when in Terrain Texture Painter mode, discussed below.
• Brush.Thiscommandisforchoosingtheshape,consistency,andsizeof the brush when performing actions on terrains.
☞ See more information about these commands in “E3D Editor menu com- mands” on page 559.
Action menu
If you move the cursor around in the animation viewing area you will see a selection area appearing under the cursor. This is called the brush and is your primary tool for editing the ter- rain in the E3D window with the Action commands.
Terrain Texture Painter
This mode allows you to add terrain textures and change the E3D window’s terrain so that it has a different appearance. When the Editor is in this mode, the Action menu defaults to select- ing the Paint Material command, discussed above.
Accessing the Terrain Texture Painter mode
To access the Terrain Texture Painter:
Open the E3D window
Enable the E3D Editor (F11)
Give the command Window > Terrain Editor in the E3D Editor’s menu

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