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Environment Files & E3D Editors
Editor menus and commands
Texture pane
In addition to the Action and Brush menus discussed above, the Ter- rain Texture Painter has a Texture pane on the right side that has six slots where each slot can display a different terrain texture. Slots can be changed to a different texture (in the case of an existing texture) and different textures can be added (if the slot is blank). Textures are stored in the \Extend3D\data\terrains folder. They are accessed by clicking a texture slot’s Change or Add button.
In the screenshot, the three slots on the left show pre-loaded textures that can be changed. Those on the right are empty slots where a tex- ture can be added.
No two slots can have the same texture. When changing or adding a texture, the new texture must be different from those already in any slot. Otherwise, the new selection will not have any effect. For instance, there will be no effect if you try to change the “Grid” texture to the “Grass” texture, and there is already a slot with “Grass” as its texture.
Editor menus and commands
The menus and commands for the various modes of the E3D Editor are described starting on page 559.
Slots in Texture pane

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