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• Shapes – vehicles, scenery, blocks, ExtendItems, and people. Some shapes have movement and behavior while others are static.
• Mission objects – environmental objects such as clouds and sun, as well as paths and mark- ers.
A waypoint is a special type of 3D object that just marks a position, but is invisible, in the E3D window. Waypoints are useful for keeping non-essential blocks from appearing as objects in the E3D window or for placing text at specific positions in the window. They are discussed on page 533.
Object properties
Each object has properties that vary depending on the type of object; all object properties can be changed. Typical properties include:
• Skins. Some objects have just one appearance in the E3D window, but many objects have multiple skin choices that affect how they look.
• Position, scale, and rotation. Objects appear in the E3D window in a default X/Y/Z location with a default size and orientation.
• Collidable.Withthisproperty,objectswillnotoccupythesamespace.
• Visible. Some objects, such as paths, are by default invisible and you only see their effects. Paths can be made visible and normally visible objects can be made invisible.
The following table lists many of the object actions you might want to perform and describes which methods can be used to accomplish those tasks.
3D Objects 515
3D objects
Types of objects
3D objects can be divided into the following categories:
• Interiorobjects–buildingsandotherinteriorstructures.
3D Action Item 2D-3D Options Library Library Command
Create an object X X for a block or item
Create a non- block object
Create an environ- X X mental effect
Change skin X X
Move an item’s X X object
Move a block’s X X object
Move a non-block object
Tree Pane
Block, ModL See Code, or Page Torque Script
X 516
X 519
X 521
X 522 X 558
X 523 X 524
Gizmo Inspector Pane
Creator Equation

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