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3D Objects 517
Creating objects
• To represent blocks from the 2D model
• To represent moveable entities, such as items, from the 2D model
• DirectlyintheE3Dwindowasscenery,environmentaleffects,orpathsforthe3Danimation
Since paths are specialized, they are discussed in the next chapter starting on “Creating paths” on page 541. After an object has been created, you may want to change one or more of its properties, such as its appearance (skins), scale, or rotation. This is discussed in “Changing object properties” on page 522.
☞ Creating an object is not the same as defining an object. Creating a 3D object places a copy of the object in the E3D window. Defining a 3D object is the process of developing a new type of 3D object, as discussed in the Developer Reference.
Create an object that represents a block
Most 3D-enabled blocks have popup menus that provide choices for indicating which 3D object will represent the block. Blocks that don’t have these choices, such as the 3D Controller block (Animation 2D-3D library), don’t have a representation in the E3D window.
Objects that represent blocks are created in the block. As discussed below, it is most common to use the Block Animation tab of Item library blocks or a 3D popup menu in the dialog of the 3D Scenery, 3D Text, or Animate 3D block (Animation 2D-3D library).
Using an Item library block
The following steps show how to create a 3D object to represent a Create block:
Open a blank model worksheet.
Save the model as “HowToE3D”.
Open the E3D window. (Be sure the HowToE3D model is displayed as the associated model in the E3D window’s top left popup menu. If it is not the associated model, select it.)
Place a Create block (Item library) on the model worksheet. The block will automatically be represented in the E3D window as its default object, a door.
In the Create block’s Block Animation tab, use
the popup menu (shown to the right) to create
other objects to represent this block. As you make each selection, notice how the object changes in the Block Animation tab’s preview area and in the E3D window.
☞ If you do not have QuickTime installed, the color of the object in the tab’s preview area may not be the same as the color of the object in the E3D window.
If a Skin popup menu appears to the right of the object popup menu, it
can be used to change the object’s appearance. This, along with other set-
tings in the Block Animation tab, is discussed in “Changing object properties” on page 522.
So that it can be used for other sections in this chapter and for other chapters:
Select the command Run > Show 3D Animation. This will cause the E3D window to open whenever the HowToE3D model opens.
Save the model. Since the object has been created by the 2D model, saving the model saves the object information.
Your HowToE3D model will be used for other sections.

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