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3D Objects
Creating objects
Create an object that represents an item or other moveable entity
Items only occur in discrete event or (sometimes) discrete rate models, but you can create cus- tom blocks to show other types of moving entities. To create an object to represent something that moves:
• Use a block from the Item library (this only creates objects that represent items).
• UsetheAnimate3DblockfromtheAnimation2D-3D.(Thisisanadvancedmethod;see page 558.)
• UseanequationblockorprogramwithModLfunctionstocreateanobjectthatrepresents any moveable entity. This is discussed in the Developer Reference.
Using an Item library block
In addition to Block Animation tabs, Item library blocks also have Item Animation tabs. This is used for specifying which 3D object will represent the items that travel through the block.
The process for creating an object to represent items is similar to creating an object to represent a block. (See “Create an object that represents a block”, above.) However, the list of objects in the Item Animation tab’s popup menu is limited to those most appropriate to represent items. (The Animate 3D block in the Animation 2D-3D library provides a complete list of objects to represent items.)
Furthermore, rather than just choosing an object from a popup menu as was done for block ani- mation, there are three ways the object can be created for item animation, as discussed below.
Item animation selection methods
Item Animation tabs have three options for cre- ating a 3D object to represent the item (the Cre- ate block will have slightly different wording):
• Donotchangeitemanimation.Withthis
default choice, the 3D object representation of
the item passing through the block will not be changed from what was set in the preceding block. (The default 3D object created by a Create block is a green ball to correspond with the default green circle seen with 2D animation.)
• Change all items to. This choice provides a popup menu so you can choose an object to rep- resent the items in the 3D world. Any item that arrives with some other object representation will be changed to the selected choice.
• Changeitemanimationusingproperty.Theobjectwillchangedependingonthevalueofthe selected item property (attribute, priority, and so forth). This method is most common for creating different objects for the different types of items that pass through, or if you want each 2D animation picture to correspond to a particular 3D object.
For more details about these options, see “Selecting an animation picture” on page 631.
☞ The Create (Item library) and Animate 3D (Animate 2D-3D) blocks have a 3D object choice in their Item Animation tabs that other blocks don’t offer – Random person. If this is selected, the block will randomly generate male and female people objects with random clothing, face, and hands to populate the animation.

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