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Create a 3D object as scenery
In the previous topics, 3D objects were created to indicate the purpose of a model’s blocks or to represent items or other entities that move in the model. You might want to create an object as scenery instead.
Scenery is the term used to describe any object that is displayed in the E3D window but which is not a necessary part of the 2D model. You can select any object to be scenery, but some com- mon choices are bed, chair, desk, door, filing cabinet, machine, shelf, table, tree, and wall. Text, which can be used to label objects or to stand on its own as a label or sign, is also consid- ered scenery.
There are several ways to create objects for scenery: • WithblocksfromtheAnimation2D-3Dlibrary
• Using the E3D Editor to place scenery directly in the E3D environment
• Usinganequationblock,orprogramwithModLcodeasdescribedintheDeveloperRefer- ence.
Using an Animation 2D-3D library block
The 3D Text and 3D Scenery blocks (Animation 2D-3D library) are used to create text and other scenery objects in the E3D window. The following discussion concerns using these blocks to create objects; the blocks are discussed fully in “Animation 2D-3D blocks” on page 556.
☞ Using blocks from these libraries requires adding the block to the model but does not require creating a new environment file or making and saving changes to an existing one.
3D Scenery block
A 3D Scenery block in a
2D model will cause scen-
ery to be created in the
E3D window. The block’s dialog provides a popup menu for selecting a representative 3D object, similar to the Create block discussed on page 517.
When initially placed in the 2D model, this block has a minimized icon. By default, the foot- print of whichever 3D object you choose will be reflected in the model by the block’s icon. If you don’t want this effect, uncheck Show 3D footprint in 2D model in the block’s dialog.
3D Text block
The 3D Text block works similar to the Create block discussed on page 517 in that you can select an object to represent it in the E3D window. However, this block also allows you to cause text to be written on the 3D object. If you select the Waypoint object, the text appears at a marked position in the E3D window like a free-standing sign.
To use this block:
Select an object in the block’s object popup menu (the Waypoint choice will cause only the text to appear in the E3D window)
Enter the text in the text field
Select a color for the text
Click the Update button to cause the text to appear in the E3D window
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Creating objects

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