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3D Objects
Creating objects
For instance, this block was used to label the Passport Control sections of the Airline Security model discussed on page 473.
Using the E3D Editor to create scenery
Creating an object using the E3D Editor causes the object to be placed directly in the E3D environment without having to place a block on the model worksheet. The object could be a visible object (such as a piece of scenery) or an invisible object (such as a path or waypoint). Since the object has no corresponding block in the model, it is considered scenery.
While it is simpler to create scenery by using a 3D Scenery or 3D Text block, the advantage of using the Editor is that the scenery will be in the E3D window every time the environment file is opened. This is especially helpful for different models that require the same scenery.
This section assumes you have read the chapter “Environment Files & E3D Editors”.
☞ Using the E3D Editor to create an object requires creating a new environment file or making and saving changes to an existing one. But it avoids having to place an extra block in the model.
Accessing the E3D Editor
Open the HowToE3D model that you created on page 517. The E3D window for this model will automatically open.
Access the E3D Editor by pressing F11
Select the WEC mode by pressing F4. (Or choose the command Window > World Editor
Creator within the E3D window.)
Creating the scenery object
In the Creator Tree (the lower pane on the right):
Open the Shapes category.
Open the ExtendItem sub-category. (You can also select objects from other sub-categories, but most scenery is at this location.)
Click the Barrel object. Depending on the resolution, you may need to zoom back to see the object. You can also use the Gizmo to move the object, if it is not placed where you want.
This will create a Barrel object in the E3D window’s animation area with- out putting a block in the model worksheet.
When you create an object using the Editor, it will be selected by default. Clicking elsewhere in the E3D window unselects the object.
Selecting an object
The default drop setting in the E3D window is World > Drop at Screen Center. With this setting ExtendSim will attempt to place the new item at the center of the camera view, where the ter- rain is intersected. If a ray from the center of the camera view doesn’t intersect the terrain, the object will default to being dropped right on the camera’s position. Thus if the newly created object isn’t immediately visible on your screen, or if it appears too large, back the camera up with the W key or the down arrow.
To save the environment file and the model
So that the barrel will be part of the 3D environment whenever the E3D window is opened for this model, you must create a new environment file or save the changes to an existing one:

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