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3D Objects 521
Creating objects
Save the environment file. With the E3D Editor as the active window, give the command File > Save Environment As and save the new environment. You can name the file any name you want, for example “HowToE3ED.mis”. The environment file will be saved in the same directory or folder as you saved the model.
Save the model. With the HowToE3D model window as the active window, save the model. This will also save the name of the new environment file with the model.
Now whenever you open the How-
ToE3D model, the E3D window will
open using your environment file with a
barrel object. The associated environment file is listed in the Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab, as shown here.
☞ For more information about saving changes, see “Saving changes” on page 532.
Create an environmental effect
Environment objects are things like clouds, the skybox, and the sun. While these objects are not obviously apparent in the E3D window, you can see their effects. To cause or disable an environmental effect:
• SelectoptionsintheEdit>Options>3Dtab
• Usea3DControllerblockfromtheAnimation2D-3Dlibrary
• Useanequationblock,programwithModLcode,oruseTorquescriptandtheWorldEditor Creator, as described in the Developer Reference
Options dialog
In the Edit > Options > 3D tab, some environmental options can be turned on and off:
• Shadows
• Sounds
• Footprintsandvehicletrails
☞ These settings are system-wide and affect the E3D windows for all models.
3D Controller block
This block has many uses, as fully described in “3D Con- troller block” on page 557.
It is also useful for turning off the sun or cloud effects in the E3D window or changing the color of the ceiling/sky. These options are shown at right.
When this block is placed in a model, unchecking the checkboxes disables the sky and/or clouds for the model’s environment file. If the option for the clouds object is not checked, you can modify the color of the ceiling using the Slider controls to achieve the desired effect.
☞ These settings are saved with any model that includes the 3D Controller block.
Environmental choices in 3D tab
Environmental choices in 3D Controller

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