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3D Objects
Deleting objects
Deleting objects
The mechanism used to delete objects from the E3D window depends on how the objects were created.
• Forobjectsthatcorrespondtoblocksinthemodel,deletetheblockfromthe2Dmodel.This will automatically delete the object that corresponds to that block. (If you instead delete the object using the WEC as described below, the object will reappear when the E3D window is reloaded and you may get error messages if you then try to delete the block from the model.)
• For an object that exists in the E3D environment but is not a direct representation of a 2D block, delete it in the WEC.
To do this, select the object in the WEC animation area and either:
• Press the backspace or delete key
• OrchoosethecommandWorld>DeleteSelection • Or choose the command Edit > Cut
☞ The objects that represent items are automatically deleted when the model is re-run or reloaded.
Changing object properties
Once you have created a 3D object, you might want to change its properties. As was discussed in “Object properties” on page 515, each object has properties that vary based on the object. The following section describes the most common object properties and tells when you can change them and how to do it. It covers changing an object’s:
• Skin
• Position • Visibility • Rotation • Scale
A list of all the potential object properties is beyond the scope of this document. However, the following sections describe using the most important object properties; the Developer Refer- ence has information about others.
If a 3D object has been created by the 2D model and you modify any of that object’s proper- ties, the information about the property change is saved when the model is saved. If the object has not been created by the 2D model, any modifications to its properties must be saved in the environment file. This is discussed in “Saving changes” on page 532.
Changing skins
Skins is the 3D modeler’s term for the texture files that show the surface details of objects in the 3D world. Each object has a skin property that affects the object’s appearance in the E3D window. While some objects have just one appearance in the E3D window, many objects have a skin type with multiple choices. For those objects, you can change which skin is showing by:
• Selecting a skin from a popup menu in the dialog of the block that creates or changes the object.
• UsingtheAnimate3DblockfromtheAnimation2D-3Dlibrary.(Thisisanadvanced method; see page 558.)

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