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Building a Model 29
Building the model
Thickened line = successful connection
Right-angle connection
Connect from Random Number block
Connection from Math block
☞ This tutorial uses blocks from the Value library. If
you move blocks from the Item or Rate library
around on the worksheet, ExtendSim will anticipate
how you want the connection lines between Item
and Flow connectors to behave. For more information, see “Auto route connection lines” on page 799.
Move the cursor to the output connector of the Lookup Table block.
The cursor changes from an arrow to a technical draw- ing pen:
Click the Lookup Table’s output connector, then drag a line to the top input connector on the Math block. You can tell when you are over the connector because the line you draw becomes thicker.
Let go of the mouse button.
☞ If you accidentally release the mouse button before the line has thickened, a dotted red line will appear to indicate the connection has not been made. To remove it, double- click the line so that the entire connection thickens (indi- cating that you have selected it), then press the Delete or Backspace key, or choose Edit > Clear Connection. (A single click will select one segment of the line only.) You can then make a correct connection.
Connecting from the Random Number block
The next step is to connect the second water source, the Random Number block, to the input of the Math block. To do this:
Draw a connection line between the output connector on the Random Number block and the second input con- nector on the Math block, just as you did for the Lookup Table block earlier.
Connecting and positioning the remaining blocks
Connect the other blocks in the model as follows:
Draw a connection line between the output connector on the Math block and the input connector on the Holding Tank block.
To monitor the reservoir’s level, draw a connection line between the Holding Tank’s output connector and the top input connector on the Plotter block.
After connecting the blocks, you can move them around on the worksheet to improve model appearance.
Connection between Holding Tank and Plotter blocks

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