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3D Objects
Changing object properties
Move a block in the 2D model
By default the Block Animation tabs of Item library blocks are set to
Link 2D/3D positions. This means that when one of these blocks is
moved in the model, the position of its representative object will change in the E3D window.
The object’s position in the E3D window is displayed in the 3D position section of the Block Animation tab, shown at right. If 2D/3D linking is enabled, these coordinates are dis- play only and cannot be edited.
Moving a block is an easy way to manipulate 3D objects but requires that the locations of the blocks in the model be changed. Unlinking 2D/3D positions provides more freedom since you can then move 3D objects around without affecting the 2D model, as shown below.
The positions of the block and the object are both saved when the model is saved.
☞ This action only applies to objects that represent blocks with 2D/3D linking selected.
Change settings in the Block Animation tab
If Link 2D/3D positions is unchecked in a block’s Block Animation tab, the object can be directly moved by changing the 3D position X/Y/ Z coordinates.
For instance, if you change the X coordinate from 7.125 to 9.125 the object would move 2 animation meters (40 pixels) to the right in the E3D window. (The distance is based on the conversion ratios specified in the Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab, discussed on page 551.)
This method has the advantage of moving the object ‘s position in the E3D window without moving the block in the model. The position of the object in the E3D window is saved when the model is saved.
☞ This action only applies to objects that represent blocks with 2D/3D linking not checked.
Move the object in the World editor
Objects can also be moved to any position by dragging them using the World editor. After selecting an object, you can move it by:
• SelectinganddraggingoneofthearmsoftheGizmo.Thisconstrainsthemovementtoone axis but does allow movement along the Z axis.
• DraggingitfreelyintheXandYdirections.
To access the World editor
Open the E3D window
Access the E3D Editor by pressing F11
Select any World mode (for instance, select the WEI mode by choosing it in the Window menu or pressing F3)
Select the object in the E3D window

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