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Using the Gizmo
The Gizmo was introduced on page 507. Among other tasks, it can be used to move a 3D object along one axis.
Access the World editor, as shown above.
Select and drag the Gizmo’s X, Y, or Z arm to move the
object along that axis.
☞ If an arm on the Gizmo is selected, it turns yellow.
For example, in the HowToE3D model you saved on page 520,
try using the Gizmo to move the barrel or door object.
Moving the object freely
Using the World editor, an object can be freely moved in the X and Y directions without using the Gizmo.
3D Objects 525
Changing object properties
Gizmo for Barrel object
Access the World editor, as shown above.
Without selecting any of the arms of the Gizmo, drag the object to move it where you want.
(If the object is very small, zoom in on the object.)
☞ If the object is the representation of a block, and the block’s Block Animation tab has been set to Link 2D/3D positions, moving the object will also move the block. Unchecking the linking option allows the 3D object to be moved in the E3D window without affecting the block’s position in the model.
Save the position
How the position change is saved depends on the object:
If the object has been created by the 2D model, the information about the object’s position is saved when the model is saved. (For an object that represents a block, the position informa- tion is displayed in the block’s Block Animation tab.)
If the object has not been created by the 2D model, the environment file must be saved in order to save the object’s position. See “Saving changes” on page 532.
Change object property values
While it is more common that you would change an object’s position by one of the previous methods, a selected object’s location can also be modified by changing the value of its position property.

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